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Dr. Nugent I already have dentures or I am needing dentures, how can dental implants help me?

Dental implant dentures are tremendously superior to old fashioned dentures. With the use of dental implants Dr. Nugent can create dental implant dentures that “snap” into place and are extremely stable. Old fashioned dentures simple rest on the gum tissue and are often lose. Patients can try to use messy denture adhesive to help stabilize their old fashioned dentures. Often the old fashioned dentures will fall out during speech or laughing. Chewing is greatly diminished with old fashioned dentures because the dentures move around and are not stable. With implant dentures patients do not have to worry about loose denture or inability to eat certain foods. If you already have dentures Dr. Nugent can convert your dentures into implant dentures. And another benefit of implant dentures is that the dental implants will stimulate and preserve bone and tissue levels around the implants.

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Don’t suffer with old fashioned dentures. Get stable and secure dentures with dental implants. See how retentive implant dentures can be with as little as two dental implants.

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Implant Denture

Deer Park Texas Dental Implant Dentures:

Dental implants can also be used for patients missing all their teeth. The dental implants provide attachments for dentures to “lock” into place. No more messy and gooey dental adhesives with Dental Implant Dentures. No more worrying if your dentures are going to fall out in social situations. No more avoiding the foods you love. Dental implants can transform your life.Deer Park Dental Implant Dentures

Say good bye to old fashioned dentures that move and fall out. With as few as two dental implants dentures can be stable and retentive. There is no reason to have to suffer with dental implant dentures.

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This patient came to Dr. Nugent for a consultation. She was missing a tooth on the top right and wore a denture to hide the missing tooth. She wanted a permanent cosmetic solution to her missing tooth. The best option was a dental implant. She had the dental implant placed and continued to wear her denture while the implant fused to the bone. Then the implant was restored with a white zirconia abutment and a all ceramic (no metal) crown.

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Patient was EXTREMELY happy with her new smile. No more taking a plastic denture in and out of her mouth. She can now talk and eat normally. The cosmetic results were fabulous.

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Dental Implants are the most advanced and longest lasting way to replace missing teeth. Dr. Nugent has become a regional leader in dental implants. You owe it to yourself to see how dental implants have revolutionized dentistry.